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Advanced Characterization

Formulation and advanced characterization techniques available at FastFormulator.

  1. Robotic Formulation Platform

    Robotic platform with accessory for high viscosity raw material dispensing

  2. DLS/Zeta Potential

    Particle Sizing and Zeta Potential

  3. Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy

    Microstructure and High Frequency rheology/Emulsion Stability

  4. MS Dispersion Multiscan Analysis

    Stability Analysis in emulsion systems

  5. Optical Tensiometer

    Dynamic surface tension, dynamic interfacial tension, contact angle, dilatational surface rheology

  6. High Sensitivity Rheometer

    Bulk rheological properties-viscosity, viscoelasticity, yield stress, thixotropy, Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear (LAOS), Creep Compliance

  7. Nanoplasmonic Sensor

    Deposition of biopolymer-biosurfactant onto solid substrates mimicking surface chemistry (hydrophobicity, charge) of skin/hair

Additional advanced techniques such as AFM, SEM, TEM, DSC, XRD etc can be accessed through University of Miami if required for projects at additional cost.