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Expert Formulation Science

Expert-guided formulation utilizing a variety of advanced techniques.

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Complex Formulation

Formulation of Cosmetics, Personal Care, Home Care, Biopharma, Foods, and 3D Printing Inks are complex.

  • Complex interactions between components
  • Complex Microstructures
  • Properties also influenced by temperature, processing, pH, salts, perfumes, and preservatives

Robust Performance Optimized Formulation Design Rules for Proprietary Advantage

Can be obtained by engineering interactions and microstructure. Route to optimization through key physico-chemical parameters.

Interaction & Microstructure Engineering for Performance Control

Requires in-depth Colloid/Soft Matter Expertise and Advanced Characterization for specific performance controlling physico-chemical attribute. Some Advanced Required Characterization being:

  • Rheology-Flow Curves, G’, G”, LAOS, Yield Stress, thixotropy
  • DLS/Zeta Potential (electrostatic interactions/kd)
  • DWS-High Frequency Rheology, Emulsion droplet diffusion
  • QCM/Nanoplasmonic Sensor
  • Optical Tensiometery/Interfacial Rheology
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Specialized AI/ML Model Training

AI/ML models need to be trained utilizing specific physico-chemical property parameters which impact performance. FastFormulator carries this out for clients.